Children's ministry

  • tree house (birth - 5k)

    Each Sunday, we work to create an irresistible environment for your kids to learn about God. We believe the church can and should be fun. Our goal is to make The Treehouse THE BEST HOUR IN YOUR CHILD'S WEEK! 

    Infants and Toddlers

    Children are given lots of love and hugs. We have fun with toys and playtime. Snacks are provided, so please tell us if your child has any allergies.


    We use several key strategies to teach your child about God's love. We use a key truth called the "Bottom Line" all month long with re-enforces the biblical truth learned each week. Our goal is that your child, by age five, believes that God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever!

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  • all stars (1st - 5th grade)

    The goal of the All-Stars ministry is for kids to know and understand who Jesus Christ is before middle school. We want to partner with parents to bring that vision to fruition. How? We will excite, equip, and engage our elementary students to be gospel-centered kingdom workers.


    Excite kids with fun games, fun songs, and fun environments. We want kids to associate following Jesus with excitement throughout their lives.


    Equip kids with the knowledge and relational community they need to become followers of Christ. Equip kids with gospel-centered and age-appropriate teaching that helps kids go throughout life, be able to:

      1.) Make the wise choice.

      2.) Trust God, no matter what.

      3.) Treat others the way they want to be treated.


    Engage kids in their faith practice. Provide opportunities for them to worship, pray, read scripture, ask questions, and lead their peers. Show them what it means to live out the gospel.

    We also want to help partner with parents to assist families WIN!

    We provide weekly and monthly resources to help cue conversations with your kids during everyday moments of life. 

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    For more information and policies, please email us at

  • Volunteer

    Volunteers are a large and dynamic part of what we can do in Treehouse and All-Stars. Children's ministry at Piedmont would not be possible without our fantastic team of volunteers if you would like to Volunteer for Treehouse or All-Stars, email Pastor Ben at All of our volunteers must be approved by the staff and pass a background check.