Drive-In Church Details

Goal: To connect with people and encourage them by gathering the church in any way possible on campus while abiding by federal and state suggestions on social distancing. 

What does the experience look like when you drive into the parking lot?

When you drive up, our small parking team will greet you. The team will help you find the best parking spot for your vehicle. They will also draw your attention to signs that will direct you to turn your car's radio to a specific channel. That channel will be broadcasting our service. Our Worship and Teaching team will have a "stage" set up in front of the church, centered and lifted so that all cars will have a good view. The service will begin at 10:30 AM and will end at approx. 11:15 AM. 

How will we worship? 

For now, our worship style will be primarily acoustic. Still, in the coming weeks, we hope to have a full band (staying within the max. number of volunteers allowed by the federal and state government's suggestions.). As noted earlier, all cars will be able to hear the worship through their car radios (we will also have a smaller sound system in place in case cars would like to roll their windows down). All lyrics for that day's service will be on our website, which can be accessed through any smart device. 

What about kids in the car? Won't They Get Bored?

That morning we will upload our Allstars' curriculum videos that are filled with great stories and a time for children to learn about Jesus as well. These videos combined will be anywhere between 15-20 minutes long (similar to a kids' TV show). These videos can be accessed through our website by any smart device. So, make sure that you have a smart device, a pair of headphones, and y'all are good to go!

What if someone has to use the bathroom? 

For the safety of all people, our building will be closed during the service and we would ask all people attending to use the restroom prior to the service.