safety steps for all of us

We are excited about Regathering with you! We value your health and are taking steps to ensure your safety. You can help us prepare to gather by looking over these safety precautions. 


Here’s what you can do — and what the church is doing — before, during, and after each worship service to ensure the comfort and safety of our members and guests

Here's What You Can Do:

Before You Arrive

  • Check your temperature
      • Ensure that you are not showing any symptoms of COVID19
  • Save a seat for the service you plan to attend.
      • Seating is limited, so save a seat at You can save seats beginning at 10am the Monday before each weekend.

While On Campus: 

  • Practice social distancing. 
      • We know you want to greet people, but avoid handshakes and hugs and maintain a distance of 6-feet from others. Wave and smile with your eyes!
  • Find a place to sit in the worship service.
      • If you did not save a seat in advance, you can ask an usher for assistance or find your own seat. 

After You Leave: 

  • Share and apply what you heard!!
      • What did God show you in the worship service? What can you apply to your life now, and what can you share with others?
  • Save a seat for the next weekend,
      • You can save a seat for worship beginning at 10am each Wednesday for the following weekend.

Here's What We Are Doing:

Before You Arrive:

  • Adjust Worship Center seating. 
      • The Worship Center will be adjusted to enable appropriate social distancing.
  • Practice social distancing. 
      • Piedmont will take measures to encourage and maintain social distancing.. Look for any directions given when you arrive. 
  • Pray for those who will gather for worship.

Treehouse + Allstars

  • Temperatures of all volunteers and children will be taken before entry
  • Every inch of the room will be sanitized, and after a toy is played with, it will be removed from use until it has been adequately sanitized again.  
  • Masks are welcomed
  • We will only have two rooms open, and NO volunteers or children will switch rooms

While On Campus: 

  • No touch Offering Buckets
      • Offering Buckets will be placed throughout the Worship Center, you may also give online or via text message. Text “dollar amount” to 84321
  • Activity sheets for children.
      • All children are welcome to attend worship services while if childcare is not available (Treehouse opens in August and Allstars is project to open in September).. We’ll provide activity sheets to keep them engaged!

After You Leave: 

  • Pray for you.
      • Our team will pray for the requests you share with us during the service.
    • Clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces,
        • After each worship service we will clean and sanitize door handles, countertops, Worship Center seating, and other parts of the building..