Missional Communities

Disciples making disciples in the everyday stuff of life

What Is A Missional Community? 

A Missional Community is defined as a family of servant missionaries sent to make disciples in the everyday stuff of life. Another way of saying it is a Missional Community (MC) is an expression of our lived out faith in Christ with an emphasis on the identity that He has given us through the Gospel. 

“If we unpack this definition, we see that our identity of ‘who we are’ precedes the actions of ‘what we do.’ We are ‘a family of servant missionaries’ before being sent to do the action that is ‘to make disciples in the everyday stuff of life.’ In the Gospel, ‘doing’ always flows from ‘being.’ It is imperative then that we act out of the overflow of our identity in Christ rather than acting in order to earn that identity.” (Summit Crossing Community Church; 1.1; 2022)